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15-03 001Fitted with scuba diving equipment, a professional will ensure that enjoy the beauty of the lagoon in the most safest way.

Once you reach the bottom, you needn’t swim, you can walk among the coral mounds and the colored fish.
You are able to breathe as freely as you do above water due to a special pipe which is connected to your helmet.

The instructor guides the explorers in the flora and makes them discover all kinds of corals, fishes and shells.
He will insist on the preservation of the sea world and the environment thanks to educational cards.

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Very quickly, the apprentice divers feel at ease: you can jump, dance together, take some pictures and recognize all kinds of fishes.

After 30 minutes of immersion at around 12 feet , the explorers come up to the ladder… It’s time to return to the pontoon of the InterContinental Resort & Spa Moorea, with plenty of colorful images in your head.

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